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Camber and Caster Adjustment Kits

Top Quality Camber and Caster Adjustment Kits

FINALLY — Resolve Costly / Premature “ EDGE ” Tire Wear !


Bushings, Guaranteed Noiseless, Long term, Maintenance free – With twice load bearing area

WORN EXPENSIVE OEM BUSHES ARE REPLACED AT SAME TIME WITH “precisely” adjustable Camber and Caster (Single Wrench) kits – they also being the highest wearing bushes. Advantage with most KMAC unique patented design bushings over OEM is that they have twice the load bearing area and are 2 axis / mono ball self aligning — without the use of air voids. Allowing improved braking and steering response.

No more ongoing trips to dealers or alignment shops or consistently trialing tire brands – in the mistaken belief that this somehow could alter the premature edge tire wear !

Camber – Essential to adjust Tire contact angles resolving costly, premature edge load / wear which can also cause ruptured side walls and rim damage.

Caster – Correctly resolves steering pull, increases steering response, with better turn in and high speed directional control, along with reduced dive / lift under brake and acceleration.

TRACK DAYS – With KMAC the combination of both Adjustable Strut Tops and also Front and Rear Bushing Kits allows to dial in extra negative Camber (and track width) to dramatically reduce understeer.
Improving ability to hit those corner apex‘s every time and go deeper into the corners, with improved traction and braking response. In the pursuit of front row of the grid lap times.

At KMAC we saw this need to design precisely adjustable bolt-on kits, (like the OEM adjusters that were once available) and provide again the full range of adjustment capability. The unique patented
designs for both the strut adjusters and bushings means KMAC kits can be fast and accurately adjusted (under load) direct on alignment rack. Bushings (prior to the KMAC design breakthrough of Single
Wrench precise on car adjustment) has always required labour intensive bush removal and then the inaccurate and time consuming trialing / repositioning.

The replacement bush kits provide Camber and Caster for the Front and Camber for the Rear (with Extra Rear Toe adjustment to compensate for this new Camber facility). All are supplied with bush extraction
and insertion tubes.

Added bonus is (besides KMAC strut tops mounts) the 4 front and 4 rear KMAC bushes also replace the highest wearing suspension bushings. And are designed for durability with more then twice the load bearing area. Most aftermarket brands merely eliminate the OEM air voids in the attempt to improve brake and steering response – but in reality can cause the opposite preventing the multi link / angled suspension arms of today‘s auto‘s traveling through their required arcs. Causing binding, locking up and actual breakage. KMAC bushings where required are Mono ball – 2 Axis / self aligning. Its no wonder situations in all out competition racing, where Race Safety scrutineers ongoing inspection / evaluation rule only
KMAC bushings allowed to be used. The Rear Camber (and Toe) bushings also decrease rear end flex and can be fined tuned for maximum traction on race days.

KMAC — With the latest design breakthroughs (see “About Us”). What you would expect from a company with all the attributes…. Constant trialing, developing in all-out 10/10ths competition racing to test / prove along with being the longest established, most experienced front and rear adjustable Strut top mounts and Bushing kit manufacturers. Proudly manufacturing “in-house”(not simply sourcing imports/relabeling). Result – Always at the forefront with total control over quality and rapid/ongoing product improvements!

100% Aussie owned and manufactured – Ph: 1888 414 0762


Land Rover

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